Nurture Yourself Through IVF and a Medicated Cycle

Once on a medicated cycle preparing for IVF many women find their emotions compounded by the effects of the medications. In this unchartered world, a woman’s emotions seem unpredictable. One of the biggest challenges for women undergoing IVF is the emotional toll it can take.

By using skills that elicit the Relaxation Response through the techniques taught to you with the True Wisdom CD, you can develop a natural awareness of your emotional responses. With this awareness you will discover the simplest, yet most effective, tension-releasing technique, the practice of deep breathing. Your breath is the bridge between your mind and body.

Rituals Of Intention

Infertility and an IVF cycle are often experienced by couples as an isolating event.

There may be times when you and your partner experience completely different emotions. In this process to conceive, you may benefit by allocating a time  to tell each other what you need from one another.  This communication may provide the opportunity needed to give voice to unexpressed feelings.

You may find comfort in a small ritual. This can be as simple as planting a tree or other acts of intention. It doesn’t matter what you choose, it is your intention that matters most. If you think of a colour that would support your fertility, what would it be? What can you bring into this procedure to make you feel creative and receptive? What images surrounding you would nourish your state of fertility?

Support Along The Way

Finding support during this time may seem daunting. Many couples keep their IVF experience from family and friends to avoid complications.  Feeling connected is nourishing. Sharing similar experiences can be helpful and healing. We can reach out for compassion just as surely as we can reach out when in need. Exploring online IVF support groups may be a way for you to connect to other families and individuals experiencing similar challenges. If you are open to this idea of receiving support, you are sure to find an IVF community waiting to share with you. (

Journal Keeping – Writing Out Feelings

Journal keeping can be a profound and healing tool for improving your experience. It can be a way of parting with unwanted emotions and cultivating positive thoughts. The success of using meditation, visualization and journaling techniques to heal and enhance fertility have been documented by Alice Domar in “Healing Mind, Healthy Woman” and by Niravi Payne in “The Language of Fertility”.  Alice Domar offers a treasure trove of wisdom. Her work is an interesting balance of research based information with a sensitivity toward the health issues of women. Niravi Paynes explores the effects of values and attitudes that may influence fertility. Both books offer excellent and valuable advice and information!


Woman’s Comfort – The Women’s Comfort Book – A  self Nurturing Guide for Restoring Balance in your life, written by Jennifer Louden

The women’s comfort book is a real treasure. Jennifer Louden encourages women to explore and build an intimate relationship with the one that counts most – ourselves. While we busily care and nurture others we seldom nurture ourselves. Self – care is essential for survival. This wonderful book will be your treasure chest of shared wisdom, shared stories and ideas of mindful comfort. Enjoy and nurture!



     It was when I took the time to practice my visualization that I really felt connected to what I needed to conceive. My husband and I created a space to welcome our little one. I had acupuncture through out the entire cycle and on the day of the transfer.  It worked this time! Thank you Kerri.

C.M. Cairns