Fertility: The Mind-Body Connection

There is a direct relationship between fertility and stress.


If you’re struggling with infertility, stress can create a vicious cycle. The stress of being unable to conceive makes you more stressed and that makes it harder to conceive. Stress is as much an endocrine experience as an emotional reality.



A woman can experience extensive hormonal responses to her environment, especially stress. The hypothalmic-pituitary axis is responsible for almost all aspects of hormonal regulation and ovulation.


Ovarian Failure and elevated prolactin levels have been linked to stress and elevated cortisol levels. The effects of stress are mostly associated with long menstrual cycles and delayed ovulation.



No matter what assistance you are receiving for your health and fertility, you can enhance your ability to succeed to pregnancy by supporting your mind-body system . Exciting and legitimate research is now identifying the psychological impact on fertility and success of IVF and the positive application of the Relaxation Response.

Reduction in stress and depression can improve conception rates

Rodriguez B, Bermudez L, Ponce de Leon, Castro L. Second World Congress of Behaviour Therapy, Washington, DC, 1983.
Women with unexplained infertility who went through an eight week program of relaxation training, cognitive restructuring, and self instructional management were significantly more likely to conceive than a control group who received no training. Within the two month study period, four out of seven experimental subjects conceived, whereas none of the seven control subjects conceived.

True Wisdom can provide you with techniques to help you elicit your body’s Relaxation Response. The guided relaxation and affirmation program will help support you in your journey to pregnancy and help you create measurable, positive changes to your well-being.

Dr Herbert Benson, Harvard’s Medical School MD, discovered and defined the Relaxation Response as an inborn mechanism that offsets the negative affect of our flight or fight response.

This is your true and natural advantage.

Make Your ‘Relaxation Time’ a Routine

True Wisdom encourages you to take a moment of stillness from the chaos of your busy world. Find a quiet place within your home where you will not be disturbed. Make a time during the day that can be readily available and can become part of your personal routine. A lit candle in the hallway can tell others that it is time for you to be left alone. This is your time. Your time to connect with the life-bearer. The living goddess of fertility that lies within you.

There are no words to describe how grateful my husband and I are for all your help and support in making our dream come true.

J.A, Cairns