About Kerri Adams

Kerri Adams Acupuncturist,Clinical Nutritionist and Lifestyle Counsellor has been in practice since 1983 in Cairns, Australia. She has a general medicine practice in Whitfield North Queensland and has special interest in women’s health. She has developed a unique approach to her healing work, blending lifestyle changes with Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. Her methods adopt the eastern body-mind-spirit connection with the use of acupuncture, herbs, nutritional medicine and relaxation techniques.

Kerri is actively involved in supporting and treating infertility patients and considers the collaborative union of orthodox and complementary medicine will bring about the best results for women experiencing difficulties with fertility. Many of her patients receive acupuncture while undergoing care at the Cairns Fertility Centre and Cairns Fertility Group of Cairns.

She is dedicated to coordinating Pre and Post IVF transfer assistance using acupuncture protocols demonstrated to increase the pregnancy rates by combining acupuncture with ARV/ART.  Kerri follows the the specific protocols of Steiner-Victorin at al and Paulus et al.

Kerri is a fellow of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association and is a registered Acupuncturist with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. Her post graduate studies include; Clinical Nutrition, Iridology and Phytotherapy. She has trained at the Herbert Benson, Mind Body Institute in Boston, USA.

Kerri, I beat all the odds. Thank you for your guidance, expertise and genuine care and support. I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby four days after my forty fifth birthday. I feel extremely blessed. Thank you with all my heart.

K.W. Cairns

Its been exactly seventeen months since I started acupuncture. I had experienced three miscarriages and felt like a was a complete failure. I felt worse than that! Kerri has given me something I cant express. We have just announced to the world, the arrival of our beautiful healthy full term exquisite son.  I went through months of taking my temperature, taking herbs, practicing the relaxation training, before I even realized my cycle had corrected itself. I remember telling  Kerri I was frightened to fall pregnant.

Even though I was taking herbal medicine and having acupuncture I didn’t really believe I would successfully give birth. I really just felt better doing it all.  Well I did it … we did it. Thank you Kerri. Its been worth every effort and I am so very grateful.

D.M. Cairns