True Wisdom  –  Infertility and IVF

True Wisdom is an audio CD program that has been designed to support women during their journey to pregnancy while undergoing a medicated cycle.  The CD can be used for any Assisted Reproductive Therapy.

The narration is composed to complement the two phases of your fertility cycle. The third track can be listened to at any time to support and affirm your fertile state.

  • Track 1– Supports your Pre-Ovulation phase following the development of your follicles and eggs.
  • Track 2– Supports your Post-Ovulation phase supporting implantation and pregnancy.
  • Track 3 – A White-light meditation and affirmation track provides a safe and healing path to support your positive beliefs and well-being.
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True Wisdom CD      

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“As a Gynaecologist I understand and acknowledge the unpredictable emotions a woman can experience as a result of her hormones. This CD offers techniques I believe will help with stress and anxiety for women undergoing a medicated cycle. A fitting and sensitively written narration.”

Dr Robert Ellwood MBBS (QLD) FACOG (LONDON)
Cairns, Australia